My New Holy Grail Product - White Foundation?

Hey everyone,

So as most of you probably know already I'm your typical pale skinned Irish girl. Sometimes it can be so hard to get a foundation that's the right shade and recently I realised that I had loads of foundation that was to dark, be it that I bought the wrong shade in store and it didn't suit me or PR companies sent me out samples that were too dark. But I've finally found the solution that allows me to wear the darker shades!

Recently whitening drops and foundations have been doing their rounds in the beauty industry. And when I saw someone raving about the Manic Panic Dreamtone Flawless Foundation I knew I had to try it out.
And I probably know what you're thinking.. white foundation?? but here's what I found after using it..

I had a foundation at home that was absolutely perfect to put to the test with this so the minute it arrived I tried and tested it out. I mixed some of my normal foundation with a small pump of the Manic Panic white foundation and mixed it well using a small concealer brush until I got a shade that looked right.

Mixing the Manic Panic foundation with my own foundation gave me a gorgeous colour that matched my skin tone perfectly and gave the founation a nice consistency, I found the more I mixed it together the more liquid the consistency got. It was nice and thick and the mixture I created meant that I was applying less of my own foundation after mixing just a small amount of the white foundation.
You can keep mixing until you get the perfect shade which is so handy!
I love the finish this gives to my makeup too so Manic Panic Dreamtone Flawless Foundation is officially one of my new holy grail products that I can see myself using forever.

I purchased mine on eBay from this seller here for just €13.33 including shipping. I ordered mine on Thursday and I had it on the Tuesday which I thought was brilliant because of the fact there was a weekend and it was coming from the UK.
An alternative to this is the Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops which can be purchased in the Body Shop stores for €17.00.

Have you found any alternative lightening products that are great for lightening dark foundations? Let me know in the comments section below!
Thanks for reading..

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