W7 Eyeshadow Palettes - Urban Decay Naked Palette Dupe!

I thought I'd do a post on some of my favourite eyeshadow palettes, the W7 Eyeshadow Palettes because the're very similar to the Urban Decay Naked Palettes but much more affordable.
These palettes sell in nearly all pharmacies for around the €7 - €7.50 mark which in my opinion is an absolute bargain!
The colours themselves aren't as shimmery as the Urban Decay palettes but I like the fact that they're a lot more matte because I don't like too much shimmer. However, there still are some really pretty shimmery colours in these palettes that are just gorgeous.
Both palettes come with a double ended brush with a small brush on one end and a sponge applicator on the other end (brushes aren't featured in the pictures because they're kept with the rest of my brushes so they don't get lost)
The W7 In The Buff: Lightly Toasted Palette comes in a brown tin which contains mostly brown coloured eyeshadows but has a couple of light pink toned eyeshadows too as well as a black and a navy/blue coloured eyeshadow. This palette is perfect for creating a bronzed or a dark eyeshadow look.

It comes with 12 eyeshadows in total and they all come with a cute name too.

Left to right:
  • Teddy Bear
  • Wonderland
  • Cracker
  • Happy
  • Lady Luck
  • Twister
  • Di Di
  • Delilah
  • Magic
  • Its a dream
  • Up in smoke
  • Dawn

I love this palette because it's so easy to mix up any of these colours with any other favourite eyeshadow you might have to create a day or night time look.

The second palette is the W7 In The Nude Palette which is extremely like the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. This palette comes in a pretty pink tin with a kind of wave design on the front. Although again, the shades are a lot more matte than the Urban Decay palette. The colours in this palette are just so pretty because there's so many light colours that you can wear for a light eye look and then there's just as many dark colours if you want to go for a darker look too, it's perfect for creating a light smokey eye.
All the colours in both of these palette are so easy to blend together so you don't need to worry about what colours to use together because they all blend together really well and look lovely together no matter what shades you use!
Again, this palette comes with 12 gorgeous eyeshadows and they all have pretty names too.

Left to right:
  • Latte
  • Angel
  • Venice
  • Marilyn
  • Copper Pot
  • Sun Kissed
  • Alice
  • Bad Manners
  • Coffee Cup
  • Mud Slide
  • Tokyo
  • Fashionista

I love these eyeshadows because they're just so affordable and because if you're like me and prefer matte eyeshadows these are just perfect for you!
These eyeshadow palettes can be bought from most pharmacies but for a list of stockists head over to W7'sFacebook page.

Suggestions on posts you would like to see in the future can be left in the comments below or you can contact me directly here.

Thanks for reading! x

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