W7 Review!

Last week I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous package from W7 Makeup full of products to review for you all.

The products I received were:
Lashed Up... And Ready To Go! Mascara.
Skin Fresh Concealer.
A Hint of Tahiti - Lip and Cheek tint.
Chunky Eyes in the colours COFFEE and CAPPUCCINO.
Lipstick in the colour Ruby Red.

First up I'll talk about the Lashed Up... And Ready To Go! Mascara.

The first thing I noticed about this mascara that made it completely different to other mascaras that I would have used in the past were.. the fact that the brush has a hinge that allows it to bend. The wand is adaptable meaning you can bend it to whatever angle you like to make it easier for you to coat all your lashes. The first time I used this mascara I found it a bit strange but then I got used to it and actually began to find it quite handy. The mascara itself creates the perfect amount of volume and length to your lashes in my opinion and I did really like it. However, after a few uses I did notice that the wand got loose and wasn't stiff enough when I was trying to apply the mascara so it kept bending no matter what way I turned it. I did like this mascara and even though the brush was a bit irritating in the end but I liked the length and volume it gave my lashes.

Above is my eyelashes before and after I used the Lashed Up...And Ready To Go! Mascara.

Next up is their A Hint of Tahiti Lip and Cheek Tint. I have only used this on my lips so far and I absolutely love it! The tint is a beautiful pink colour that is absolutely perfect for spring and summer. It comes in a little bottle with a brush applicator attached to the lid.. kinda like a nail varnish.

I found that the tint was just the right consistency, it wasn't too thick and sticky and wasn't too watery either and it dried in just the right amount of time. This tint reminds me a lot of the Benefit Lolli Tint but of course is a fraction of the price! I will definitely be buying this again when my one runs out and I might just invest in the other tints on offer from W7.

I was so excited to receive W7's new eyeshadow sticks "Chunky Eyes" in the colours COFFEE and CAPPUCCINO. The colours are two of the most used colours that I would use on a normal day: gold and brown. They have a beautiful shimmer to them and are absolutely gorgeous colours so I was extremely excited to put them to the test. I tried these out on two different days, on day one I didn't use a primer underneath and the second day I used my trusty Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath. The eyeshadows looked absolutely gorgeous when I had finished applying them and I was really excited about having a new product I liked so much. Just as I was about to leave my house I noticed that the eyeshadows had creased.. and badly. I placed some eyeshadow on over them and that seemed to do the trick. I really love both colours but after putting them to the test I don't think I could wear them on their own but I would definitely use them as a base to make my eyeshadow colour stand out more.

The Skin Fresh Concealer was unfortunately far too dark for my skin tone so I wasn't able to properly put it to the test but when I did try it out I thought that the concealer was a great consistency and wasn't too thick. If I can track it down in a lighter colour I will do a proper review!

Last but not least is the Lipstick I received in the colour Ruby Red. I absolutely love the colour of this lipstick. It's a gorgeous bright red colour and is nice and moisturising on the lips. This is the kind of red lipstick that would suit everyone! It's not too dark and it's not overpoweringly bright either, it's just the right shade of red. I loved the fact that it didn't dry my lips out but instead it kept them nice and moisturised and it also had impressing staying power and I didn't have to re-apply that often which is always a good thing in my opinion.

You can read my review on the W7 eyeshadow palettes here.
For a full list of stockists in Ireland you can visit the W7 Ireland Facebook Page, you can visit the W7 website or tweet them @W7makeup to find out where your nearest stockist is.

Have you bought any W7 products before? What did you think of them? Leave your comments below :)

Thanks for reading! x

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