DIY Lip Scrub - How To Make Your Own

Hey everyone,

So, every so often my lips will get all chapped and dry especially in this waem weather, and lip balms never make them 100% better and let's face it.. dry chapped lips aren't a good look under your lipstick.
So to get my lips soft and smooth I've been making my own lip scrubs to get rid of any dry skin on my lips. I used to just use a toothbrush but I found them too hard and rough on my lips so I started making my own yummy lip scrubs.

To make your own lip scrub you will need:

  • Sugar
  • Flavouring such as vanilla essence, you can also buy different flavours such as cola and bubblegum online!
  • Food colouring
  • Some vaseline or coconut oil

To begin melt a small amount of vaseline or coconut oil in a pan, add in some sugar, a couple of drops of your flavour of choice and add in a little food colouring.
Mix all the ingredients together.
When you have all the ingredients mixed together you can place them into containers. I find that the small used jam jars and old lip balm pots work best!
Leave the lip scrub set for a little while and then you're ready to have smooth soft lips. Another thing that I love about this lip scrub is that you know exactly what goes into it and it tastes good too!

Thanks for reading!

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