Be A Glowing Goddess - My Must Have Highlighters!

Hey everyone,

I'm back yet again! I got so busy with exams and work that I didn't have the time to post much but I'm finally back and hoping to write more posts than ever.

As you can tell by the title this post is about my must have highlighters and how I use them to get a nice glow!

First up is the Sleek Face Form - Contouring and Blush Palette (Light). I absolutely love this palette and will always love this palette because it's such good quality at such a good price. This is the contour that I use daily, regardless of if I'm only going to work or going out. The highlight in this is just so pigmented and shimmery for the price it's ridiculous, and what's even better is you get a contour, highlight and blush in one. The blush in this is also very pretty for summer as it has small gold specs in it that reflect under the light and look really nice and summery. This retails for about €12-15 in pharmacies nationwide and online. have it here for just €13.49.

Similar to the Face Form palette is the Isa Dora Face Sculptor. I have it in the shade Sun Glow and love the shimmery bronze colour to apply over my contour to give me a nice summer bronzed look. I also use this as well as the contour as eyeshadows and with a good base they hold surprisingly well! The Isa Dora Face Form Palette retails for around the €25 mark which I think is a good price since you're getting 3 products in the one! IsaDora can be purchased from pharmacies nationwide.

Another favourite of mine is the Flormar Teracotta Powder (23-Dual Gold). I bought this product when Flormar first came to Ireland and I have fallen in love with it. This is a gorgeous duo highlighter that comes with a really light highlight which I'll be honest I don't use that often but I always use the darker gold colour over my contour to give me a nice bronzed glow. I bought mine in my local pharmacy for €12.99 which is very good value because a little goes a lot with this plus you get two highlighters for the price of one!

A product that I just got recently but am totally and completely loving is the Inglot Sparkle Dust (01).
A little goes a really long way with this product, you only need to apply the smallest amount to get a really intense highlight and that's why I reckon it's really worth the price tag. It's super good quality, really pigmented and available in a range of different shades. And for €20 for such a large container of highlight you really can't go wrong. Did I mention you can use it as a pigment on your eyes too? Sparkle Dust is available on Inglot's website here or from any Inglot counter.

Obviously I coudln't leave out one of my favourite products from one of my most love brands. Next up is the Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Shimmering Dry Body Oil. I have a review of this posted here already but it needed to get a mention in this post. The rest of the products in this posts are intended to be used just on the face or chest area as they're makeup products but Golden Goddess is a dry body oil, which by the way looks unreal on a night out over the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan (I like the dark one). Not only does this look amazing all over the body but it makes an amazing sparkly highlight too! Just pop a bit on a brush or on your finger and apply. This gives you a really natural looking glow but if you like a more intense highlight it makes a great base to pop another highlight on top so you can sparkle all day long ✨✨. Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Oil is available in Penneys stores as well as most pharmacies and is around the €12 mark.

Next is a favourite of mine that I've raved about before. It's the SEVENTEEN Instant Glow Shimmer Brick (Gold). It pretty much needed to be included in this list because it's one of the more amazing affordable highlighters that I've come across since my highlight addiction began last year. But I won't bore you with the details because I previously wrote a review on this that you can read here if you like.

Another affordable highlighting product is the Boots Botanics All Bright Radiance Balm. I love mixing this in with foundation to thin them out or to make them a bit more sheer and give me a little glow when I look super tired or when the weather is nice (which let's be honest isn't that often). It's also really nice when applied onto your collarbones if you're wearing anything that shows off your chest a bit more. This is only available from Boots and costs €8.49 but they nearly always have promotional offers on the Botanics range. I managed to get this for €3.99 before! Shop it from Boots website here.

Next up is a product that almost everyone I know has in their makeup bags but rarely use.. it's the Benefit High Beam Liquid Highlighter. I reach for this not as often as I'd like to admit but when I do use it I love the nice light glow it gives me. Again like the radiance balm, I love mixing this with foundations to give me a nice glow. It does look amazing on cheekbones and on the browbone too though! High Beam is available to purchase at any Benefit counter nationwide, from selected pharmacies and online.

Next up is my most recent purchase. The Sleek Highlighting Palette in the shade Solstice. I love everything about this product.. from the beautiful gold packaging that makes it feel so much more expensive to the reasonable price tag, the shades and the amazing pigmentation of the products. You can't but not love this product.
Inside you get 1 cream highlight "Ecliptic", 1 silky shimmer powder "SubSolar" and 2 baked powder highlighters "Hemisphere" which is a purple shade and "Equinox" which is a peachy shade. This palette is absolutely beautiful and really makes your cheekbones pop. This palette is definitely for those hardcore highlight fans who love to dazzle people with their bright highlight.

You can purchase Sleek in pharmacies nationwide, on the Sleek website here or for €14.49 from Boots here.

Last but not least is the beauty lovers favourite The Balm Mary Loumanizer. I don't think this even needs an introduction or an explanation. It's a beautiful natural highlighter that can be built up for a more intense highlight. Mary Lou is loved by beauty gurus and fans worlwide and I think it always will be. TheBalm is available in certain pharmacies and online from Meaghers Pharmacy here for €21.50.

Anyway, that's my post on my must have highlighters for a summer glow! I hope you enjoyed it and I'm sure I'll be back soon with another one!

Thanks for reading..

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