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I'm back again with another blog post for my Instagram Products Series. This blog post will be about my experience with the Edit London Blackhead Extraction Paste from

So if you read my previous post you would have seen that I received some products from Misfit Cosmetics to try out and the Edit London Blackhead Extraction Paste was one of them.

Over the past months people have been asking online where you can get the blackhead extraction masks because they're literally nowhere to be found in stores and people are just posting about them online 24/7. This mask has recently been promoted by celebrity names such as Holly Hagan and Stephen Bear and can be purchased from Misfit Cosmetics.

How to use it..

The paste comes in a tube and it's very easy to use. To use it you apply to anywhere that you have noticeable blackheads, I place mine across my nose area, a bit on my forehead and again on my chin. You need to build up a thick layer of product because if you apply a thin layer it just won't work, so I would recommend applying a generous amount.
Leave it to dry for about 20-30 mins and once it's dry you can start peeling it off to see the results! When you peel off the mask you'll be able to see any blackheads/dirt from your pores that have now been removed.

What I thought of it..

I love being able to see in front of me exactly what has come off my skin as a result. Does it work as good as the videos you see online? That's completely debatable. I found that the more product you used the more obvious the results were.. however the only thing is if you apply too much product it won't actually dry for you to be able to remove it.. it will just stay sticky and trying to remove it is an absolute mess!
If you get the amount of product to be applied just right it definitely does work but trying to find that balance is a tricky process. I also noticed that in the videos they make it look like removal of the product is a lot easier than it is in real life too.. in the videos everyone seems to be able to just remove the mask in one piece.. which doesn't really happen. I ended up peeling off tiny pieces at a time!
This product does make your pores a lot more open and more noticeable looking so I would recommend doing it at night and not pre makeup during the day.

My final opinion is that the product does work.. but just not as well as all these advertisements you may have seen online. It does exactly what it's supposed to do, just not with the same level of ease as people have made it look like in videos advertising blackhead masks such as this one.

The mask can be bought from and normally retails for £18.99 but it's on offer at the minute for £14.99 (correct on 12/03/17).

If you have any comments about the product, please feel free to leave them in the comments box below or you can contact me on any of my social media accounts which are linked in the sidebar.

Thanks for reading..

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Do the pores close up again?

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