My Top Beauty Products 2018

Hey everyone,
First of all I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I hope you all have a great year ahead of you with 2019 just around the corner!
In this post I'll be recapping over all my favourite beauty products of the year and giving my two cents on them.

BPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette

First up is the majorly hyped BPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette, and all with good reason!
When I first saw someone post a picture of this palette on Instagram I knew that I had to have it. I love playing with makeup and creating colourful looks so I knew this was a palette that I would adore.
The palette consists of 17 highly pigmented shadows, 7 high pigment shimmers and 2 stunning highlighter shades.
As someone that loves colour this was a palette just made for me! However, if you're afraid of colour I think this is a great way to start incorporating colour into your looks. There are some really wearable everyday shades in this palette and to those that are afraid of colour, maybe try using a pop of colour under your lower lashline to try bringing colour into your looks to see how comfortable you are with the shade. Makeup is designed to be experimented with and played with so give it a go!

Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eyeshadows

Anyone that knows me will know I'm absolutely obsessed with these.. I think 2018 was really the year of the liquid eyeshadow and Stila absolutely ran away with the crown! I find these amazing for anyone that's super talented at makeup or even someone that's a complete beginner. These can completely transform any eye look.
If I'm in a rush and need to do a quick makeup look I'll pop one shadow all over my lid and pop this over it and it just makes it look like you've put so much time and effort into your look.
I've convinced so many people to get these for secret santa gifts or even just as a gift to themselves and I've heard nothing but good reviews back about them. Most people I recommended them to said they wouldn't be great at makeup themselves but adore these! They are a bit on the pricier side but are so worth the money in my opinion, or if you don't want to spend so much coin on these then I'd recommend the dupe that Penneys recently brought out for €4 each.

Penneys PS My Perfect Colour - Foundation Stick

The amount of compliments I've gotten on my base makeup this year when I was wearing this foundation was insane. I love using this foundation stick when I'm wearing every day makeup or when I'm in a rush going to work in the mornings. I like to just wipe it on in streaks into all the sections of my face and then blend it in using a brush (which takes literally one minute).
This is great because the coverage is buildable so if you want to wear a little or a lot you can do both and it still looks incredible!
I think this foundation is either €3 or €3.50 so it's extremely affordable, an absolute game-changer to my makeup game this year!

Penneys Brow Sketch (Dark Brown)

The lovely Emer from Penneys To Prada changed my whole makeup world earlier this year when she recommended the Penneys Brow Sketch to me (she insisted that I must buy at least 2 or 3). I will admit I was sceptical at first because I was so used to wearing more expensive brow products and this life changer is only €2.50. It comes with a super slim pencil tip and a spoolie at the other end and has completely changed the way I look at brow products.
And in case you are going to take me up on this recommendation, just like Emer advised me I will advise you to pick up 2 or 3 because they're always out of stock (people must have discovered the secret).

MAC Jamie Genevieve Lipstick (Limited Edition)

I don't know about my readers, but I myself am absolutely obsessed with all things Jamie Genevieve. If you don't know who Jamie is she's an amazing makeup artist/YouTuber from Glasgow, she has a gorgeous dog called Drogba and is soon to be married to Jack (who's super talented at editing her vlogs for her - what a lucky gal).
When I think of Jamie I think nude lips and just absolute glamour so I was super excited when I heard she was releasing her own lipstick with Mac Cosmetics. The shade she released is a beautiful nude colour and looks amazing on pretty much everyone. What I love about this lipstick is how easy it is to change the colour of it depending on what lip liner you pair it with, it's just such a versatile shade.
This is a limited edition shade which makes me so so sad but I've stocked up on it for now (I'm definitely going to buy more let's not lie to ourselves here). 10/10 would recommend this shade to anyone on the hunt for their perfect nude lip.

Well, that concludes my top beauty products for the year. I can't believe this year is already over, it feels like just last week that it started!
Don't worry there's plenty more beauty recommendations and tips coming your way in the new year - I've already started buying bits in the sales (neccessary bits of course!).
As always thank you so much for reading.. until next time!

Claire x

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