My Best TK Maxx Makeup Finds - Crazy Savings!

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This post will come as no surprise to some people that know me because most people in my life know that I am well and truly obsessed with TK Maxx and all the amazing finds I've gotten in there over the years!
This post will be all about some of the amazing beauty finds I've purchased in TK Maxx.

From homeware, beauty, skincare, clothing, accessories.. TK Maxx really have it all and they're definitely one of my favourite places to pick up higher end items at a lower price. I also find it a great place for picking up gifts for people because you can always find amazing stuff no matter what the occasion.
That being said, the beauty section is my favourite place and I've been known to spend a good hour or more looking through all their products.

One of my favourite brands that I find in TK Maxx is Stila. Again, if you've read some of my previous blog posts you'll know by now that I'm absolutely obsessed with the Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eye Shadows. These normally retail for €28.00, which I don't mind paying because I love them so much I think they're worth every cent! However, they almost always have these in certain shades in TK Maxx for the bargain price of €6.99, so whenever I see a shade I don't have I will always pick it up.

I recently picked up the shade Vivid Garnet which is a gorgeous deep red/burgandy colour which looks amazing on it's own or as a statement on top of other shadows.
Source: Beauty Bay.

I also bought the shade Fairy Tail on the same day. Which is an almost golden/brown colour with purple reflects. Which again, looks amazing on it's own or with other eyeshadow shades. If you ever see these in TK Maxx I definitely recommend picking them up, even just to try them out because they're definitely worth it.

I've also bought the Stila Got Inked Cushion eyeliner which normally retails for €23.00 but in TK Maxx you can find this for the much cheaper price of €3.50. I tried this out but didn't like it that much because I don't wear eyeliner much anymore and if I do it's always gel, but this is really nice if you like cushion products.

The Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Eyeshadows were my first introduction to Stila products and are the reason I'm so hooked on them today! These are beautiful sets that come with a foil eyeshadow, a liquid dropper eyeshadow primer which can be used with any shadow but really intensifies the foil shadow and a mixing tray to mix your product on. These usually sell for €44.00 but you can pick them up in TK Maxx for usually less than €8.99 depending on the shade. I've bought two shades: Titanium and Metallic Lavender. These are amazing for a dramatic look if you're going out and such a bargain. I would definitely recommend picking these up if you're ever lucky enough to spot them!
Source: Sam McCauleys.

On the occasion that they have Stila palettes I almost always pick them up. One of the first palettes I found was the Stila In The Moment Eyeshadow Palette. This normally retails for €35 (I don't think these are made anymore) but I got mine for the bargain price of €12.99. It contains 10 shadows and an eyeliner and is definitely one of the top palettes I've ever purchased because I got so much use out of it.

The Stila Eyes Are The Window palettes are amazing products, everything from the packaging to the shadows is perfect. These normally retail for €37.95 and just like the previous one, you can pick these up at TK Maxx for €12.99.
I've bought 2 shades: Body and Spirit.
Source: Cloud10Beauty.

Perfect for on the go and travelling is the Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eyes and Cheek Palette. These have everything you need for your face and eyes and are so handy to pop into your bag for impromptu dinner or drinks to give you a little extra when heading out. Again normally €35.00, you can find these in TK Maxx for €9.99.
Source: Stila Cosmetics.

Another deserved mention is the Stila Colour Balm Lipsticks. These have a menthol smell and are so refreshing on your lips. They're normally €17.95 and TK Maxx usually sell them for €3.95. I've purchased the shades Isabelle and Brigitte.

Something I wanted so bad when it first came out was the Ciate Glitter Flip Liquid Lipsticks, (they're the ones you apply and when you smack your lips it activates glitter to transform the lipstick) but I didn't wan't to spend €18 on one when I didn't know if I'd like them. So on my most recent trip to TK Maxx I bought 2 of these for €8.99 each. I bought the shades Forbidden and Chaos, I love both shades so I'll definitely buy more if I find them.
Source: Ciate London.

A brand I wanted to try out for so long was Anastasia Beverly Hills but without seeing some of the colours in person I was scared to make the investment. On a past trip I picked up one of their liquid lipsticks in the shade Malt. I love dark brown lipsticks and fell in love with this when I saw it. I love the formula so I'll definitely pick some up in future, especially now they stock ABH in Brown Thomas. They normally retail for €22.50 and TK Maxx sell them for €13.50.
Source: Beauty Bay.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills single eyeshadows were at the top of my most wanted list for ages especially the shade Enchanted but I didn't want to spend €14 on an eyeshadow without seeing it in person, so you can only imagine how happy I was the last time I popped into TK Maxx and they had it for €4.99. I haven't used it yet but I can't wait to, it's a gorgeous deep purple shade with glitter running through it.
Source: Beauty Bay.

Retail Price for above items: €421.30
TK Maxx Price: €128.79
Savings: €292.51

It's definitely worth checking out the makeup section to see what gems you can find and my savings prove that!
Have you ever gotten a crazy bargain in TK Maxx? Let me know!

As always thank you so much for reading,

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