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I absolutely love doing reviews and getting to try new brands/companies out to tell all of you about. So you can imagine my excitement when reached out to me wanting to gift me some eyelashes to try out.

First a little bit about the company themselves. are an online retailer who stock one of the most impressive lash collections I have ever seen. They stock some of the beauty industries biggest lash brands such as: Ardell, Doll Beauty, Eyelure, KoKo Lashes and even my beloved SoSu by SJ lashes.

One feature of their site that I found super handy was their option for lash subscriptions. You get the option to add a certain lash to your subscriptions when you're viewing the page for that particular item. You then get the option for delivery every 14, 30, 60 and 90 days and the lashes are automatically delivered to your preference. This feature would be so amazing for any makeup artist or even someone that wears lashes a lot. Even better yet is give you discount off the lashes when you choose a subscription for it. Such a clever idea! sent me out some Ardell lashes to try which I was super excited about because they're my go to brand for their natural look lashes, their Demi Wispies are one of my favourite lashes ever! They sent me out 3 pairs of the Ardell Wispies to try out as well as Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive and one of their own false lash applicators (which are a godsend btw).
I received the Ardell Wispies 113, the Ardell Studio Effect Wispies and the standard Ardell Wispies.

My favourite out of the 3 pairs were the Studio Effect Wispies. They're just so long and add to any makeup look, be it a crazy eye-shadow look or no shadow at all. These are so pretty and natural, they're really thin and have a really thin clear band so they blend in so easily with your own lash line.
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These look very natural on because they're so light weight, long and fluttery. You really don't feel like you're wearing lashes at all with these which I love! There's nothing worse than falling in love with a pair of lashes but they're just so heavy on, these are the exact opposite and are really comfortable on. Here's a look I created with them.

You can shop the Studio Effect Wispies by clicking here.

The second pair of lashes I got were the Ardell Invisiband Lashes Black - Wispies, the most natural pair out of the 3 I received. These are super natural and just accentuate your natural lashes and give a bit more volume to your lashes. I don't think I'd pick these up again because they're just a bit too natural for me but they are really gorgeous if you're having a more toned down, natural make-up day or even if you're not used to wearing thicker/longer lashes these would be perfect for you!
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You can shop them by clicking here.

The final pair of lashes I received were the Ardell Wispies Lashes Black 113. Again these lashes are very long and fluttery, very similar to the Studio Effect Wispies I tried out. But these have the effect that they cross over each other making them look very natural. Again, a very thin band so you hardly feel like you're wearing lashes. I really loved these ones and would definitely purchase these ones again!
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You can shop them by clicking here.

They also sent me the Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive (Clear). I didn't even know that Revlon sold lash glue so I was really looking forward to trying this out. The glue comes with a thin brush applicator so it's really handy, you can just brush it along the band rather than messing around squeezing glue from the tube and then applying it. I found this glue to be really mess free and a lot easier than normal glues. I thought this glue worked great with the Ardell lashes with their thin band, but I think if I was wearing lashes that had a thicker band or were heavier than the Ardell lashes this wouldn't work as well.. it just doesn't feel as strong as other glues I've tried before. If you're using a heavier lash or one with a thicker band they stock DUO Glue too which is what I always use for my lashes! You can buy DUO glue here.

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You can purchase the Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive here.

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, they also sent me out one of their lash applicators. I have a few applicators like this already, but you can never have too many because I know mine always go missing on me! I find the steel lash applicators are the best because they allow you to get really close to your own natural lash to get a really precise application and make lash application a much quicker process! And for £4.99 you can't really go wrong!
You can shop their lash applicator here.

All in all I really enjoyed these products from, and knowing the wide range of lashes they stock I will definitely be picking up a few different styles from different brands from them!

As always thank you so much for reading,

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