Carter Beauty Review - Foundation and Primer

Hi everyone,

I'm sure almost everyone has heard the name Marissa Carter before and I was extremely excited when I heard that Marissa was launching her own cosmetics brand, Carter Beauty.

The Girl Boss herself is the owner of Cocoa Brown which is one of my favourite fake tans on the occasion that I do wear it. Some of my first posts on this blog over 4 years ago were on Cocoa Brown products and one of my first blogger events was a Cocoa Brown one! As well as that, having met Marissa I can truly say she's one of the nicest, down to earth people in the Irish beauty community. So I think it's obvious I had high hopes and expectations for her cosmetics line when it launched. The first products I purchased were the Full Measure HD Foundation and the Hold Tight Perfecting Primer.

I purchased the foundation in the shade Marshmallow which was a very reasonably priced at €9.95. The shade is a good match for me because I'm super super pale and this is the lightest shade in the range I believe. Some days this looks super pale on me and washes me out so I think I'll definitely pick it up in another shade for days like that where I'm a bit darker.
The foundation blends out really nice and let me tell you the coverage is insane. The only other foundation I would get this kind of coverage with is with the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation which is €36.00. The only difference between the two is that the Urban Decay foundation is so matte that it looks very cakey and drying when I apply it so I always use some MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ to bring some moisture back into my skin whenever I use it. The Carter Beauty Foundation is quite lightweight and not as drying so it doesn't look as cakey when applied, but is still super high coverage which I love.


This has definitely become one of my favourite foundations since I got it and with it's price point it means that it's a foundation I would be able to wear every day without breaking the bank. It's definitely a foundation you can wear during the day or the night or even throughout the day until the night because it doesn't really budge or require touch ups. I'll definitely purchase this again and possibly in another shade to match whenever I wear tan. The foundation gets a HUGE thumbs up from me!

The second product I tried and tested was the Carter Beauty Hold Tight Perfecting Primer which was €7.95. The formula is almost a gel consistency and claims to smooth away your pores and your texture whilst absorbing your shine.
I liked the consistency of the primer and thought it felt hydrating on the skin. It definitely smoothed out my texture and made my pores much less noticeable and smaller looking. Along with the foundation I think the two products together work like an absolute dream! I didn't think that this helped absorb much of my shine because I did find my t-zone getting oily throughout the day and having to powder but that could be down to the fact that I'm fairly oily anyway! Regardless, I still like the primer and have enjoyed testing it out.

I can't wait to try more of the Carter Beauty products, I think next I might put some of their eye shadows to the test..
I wish Marissa and her team all the best with all future launches and I'm excited to try out any new products they release.

Have you tried Carter Beauty? What products would you recommend I try out next?

As always thanks so much for reading,

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